Saturday, January 15, 2011

sat. jan 15, 2011

Get This...... Greens in a jalapeno broth
start with 4 cups filtered water in a 4 quart pan. (later we may want to add 2 cups broth "Imagine organic broth"
organic onion greens i get very large Onion greens, not scallions it's the greens that grow off the onion bulb) chopped in 2 inch pieces, 6 young Collard Green leaves chopped, 1 young jalapeno pepper chopped fine, 4 cloves garlic cut in pieces.
i had stuff from the freezer/fridge: small amount of cubed organic beef for base of broth, but anything works. threw in celery, 1/4 of a white onion, 1/2 of an heirloom tomato leftover from last week, 3 peeled carrots cut, 3 peeled potatoes cut, salt. i swear this was the best soup.
a water based spicy broth with tons of greens chopped up with potatoes and carrots and other stuff. real "brothy". we slurpped it up.
if you want a recipe...... make one. Try less amounts since i froze a good half of mine. just use the concept. A bunch of dark greens, tough ones,,,,,, that's why collard greens work well. I like the large onion greens, look for them at local farmer's markets, they last long, i can say a lot about how good these onions and the greens are other than just a lot of flavor. Go foraging around for cooking greens and make something like this as it was delicious and spicy, a healing feeling .
enough for now.............

C Ya

good nite!!

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