Tuesday, November 9, 2010

tues night (after colonoscopy) dinner

well, I survived my first colonoscopy and now it is done and it went well. a polyp was removed but i should be fine. i did eat a little on way home but now i am ready to cook dinner. 2 days without food is more than i am used to. believe it .... i actually prepared some food for my wonderful husband and didn't even lick my fingers. I was a very good girl. I have such wonderful organic fresh veggies from shopping at the organic stands on Sat. mornings at Sarasota's Farmer's Market, particularly Peter Burkhart and Worden Farms both Organic stands that will spoil you for life............

4 small,crisp, organic red potatoes cut in quarters and placed in filtered salted water in covered pot. bring to boil then let sit.
1 delicato squash cut in quarters, seeded (place in yard to grow your own) in microwave for 4 minutes then let steam and sit
1 large heirloom tomato with one beautiful green scallion we got over the weekend (remember?) with crumbled bleu cheese and our dressing set out to warm down from the fridge, and fresh ground tri color pepper and fresh basil chopped
i am also going to make a small burger from grass fed beef i got at whole foods. yes i eat red meat. but you don't have to, either way this will be a great meal with or without the beef.
I am only putting in the spicy rock salt (my sister Jane gave me) and fresh oregano tiny leaves(from my potted plant) in the meat. then grill on my stove top grill pan. Option would be a good salt and cayenne and oregano. proportions are up to you.
when you are ready to eat and burgers and squash is done, get your masher and smash potatoes and add a bit of black pepper, salt and olive oil. cayenne and fresh herbs are an option, it's a mood thing. i am making it simple tonight just evoo and salt and pepper and easy on all of it.

My husband dennis is out at Home Depot to by big huge bolts to mount a big public sculpture at a prime location in 5 Points Park downtown Sarasota for the "Intersections" exhibit. He went out at 5:30 and it's time for me to eat but i will wait. He is working hard and we are proud of his project. Pretty soon there will be a web site to view his installation but until then check out his website: www.denniskowal.com
OH! i learned to play "Teenager In Love" on the Ukulele and am practicing every day. I now know 4 chords.... it's fun.
have a good night and sweet dreams.....

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