Thursday, October 21, 2010

October highlights


today was cooking day. Microwaved a delicato squash, sweet and delicous, steamed swiss chard drizzle evoo and dash of rock salt, then my PORK CHOPS:

I took 2 chops out of freezer, bone in. thick cut. Whole foods chemical free. I had some champagne open in fridge so I poured some over to help defrost, added a drizzle of soy sauce and dash of worstershire sauce, and some o.j. then waited an hour. Then added lots of semi dried fresh rosemary from my sister jane's garden, and dry thyme, and topped with a peppery rock salt from a salt gourmet store also gift from jane. Well I let it all defrost and just before cooking I drizzled a few Tblspns of molasses over each chop then  put them on the grill. These are the best I ever made. About 7 minutes for first side then 4 or more on next side on hot gas grill. Now ours happens to not be working very well, even though it's on high, it isn't super hot, so i'd say hot/medium. After 7 minutes turn over. Let them get nice and brown/black. Don't over cook and remember they still cook when removed since they are still hot.
I have lovely organic yellow potatoes. Cut in medium size piecesand place in pot with clean water, 2 bay leaves, pinch of rock salt, bring to boil and turn off and let sit. When everything is ready drain potatoes, drizzle evoo, little dash of salt and fresh cut herbs, today I used my own basil and black pepper. Smash. 
mashed delicato squash, steamed swiss chard, mashed herbed potatoes with black pepper, and grilled pork chop. More than anyone deserves. This is also enough for tomorrows lunch, or friends to help enjoy. We are listening to Sweet Black Angel by the Rolling Stones, gotta be one of my favorites by them. "Free de sweet black slave". Quite a song.

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